Clever ways Paint can enhance your Home's Decor

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

From zoning to tricking the eye, take a look at these ideas for using paint to create smart effects

Paint isn’t just about bringing colour to a space – it can also be used to give a different look to a room. Check out these homes, where paint has been added to create an interesting effect, divide areas, overcome architectural challenges or make a room feel more spacious.

Zone a room In a small, open-plan space, creating clear divisions between each area can make the room feel more functional. Here, the designer has used paint to zone the dining area and ensure it feels separate from the kitchen and living space.

A subtle stripe of pale grey runs up from the floor and partway across the ceiling, framing the dining table. The block of colour helps to ground the table in the space, and also provides a decorative background for a shelf of plants.

Replicate lines Here’s a smart way to bring together old and new in your home. The wooden handrail above the ornate balustrade shows off the period feel of the house, while the bold orange strip along the bottom of the wall is clean and contemporary.

Despite the opposing styles, the two elements replicate each other in colour, shape and direction, bringing a cohesive look to the whole space.

Lead the way The staircase in this small hallway was widened towards the bottom to fill the area next to the glazed partition. To turn it into a feature, the designer has painted a grey stripe up one side.

The coloured steps point to where it’s suitable to walk, as well as bringing some playful interest to the stairs.

Play with space Some smart paint tricks can work wonders in a bijou hallway like this one. A triangle of colour covers two walls .

By leading the eye along the diagonal to the side of the room, the painted area makes the space appear wider than it actually is.

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